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Redkey Media is a well established and experienced digital marketing company based in the Greater Toronto Area, serving a wide variety of clients locally and through out Canada and the US since 2004.

Redkey Media offers Mobile App Development for Android and Apple phones and tablets. We build creative and useful apps for businesses that want to engage with their customers and grow their businesses. More

We started back in 2004 by helping local businesses in the Greater Toronto Area by building websites. We build all kinds of websites, from basic started sites to complex e-commerce websites and help you get traffic to them! More

In 2018 having a strong social media presence is vital to every business. People spend hours on facebook, twitter and several other platforms engaging with friends and associates. A targeted well managed campaign can help you engage with your customers on these platforms and drive results to your business. More

What is Digital Marketing?

Creating and driving traffic to digital real estate such as Websites, Mobile Apps and Social Media

We build Mobile Apps that help businesses connect and succeed.

Its 2018 and you through your smartphone have access to all the information that you can imagine right in your hand. It is truly an unprecedented time. It only makes sense that businesses use Mobile phones to go above and beyond a basic web presence and really focus on engaging with clients and users through a customized mobile app.

Much like today a business requires a website, social media presence – the future for businesses and brands requires mobile apps. Both Android and Apple’s IOS platforms combined make the Mobile App landscape clear.

Over the year, Redkey Media has build Mobile Apps using many platforms and techniques and as a result we now focus on building Mobile Apps for Businesses. Any and all types of businesses that have a need to share and connect with users can do so successfully with a Mobile App.

Explore the possibilities of Mobile apps for your business

web design

Web Design

Good Web Design make the difference in your bottom line.

Good web design starts with your audience user experience carefully matched with your business. We work with you to develop your online presence to best reflect your brand and image into an impressive web design complemented with the best web development in the Greater Toronto Area. Your business website is a vital part of your business. More often than not, potential customers will google (or bing) your name or your service and come across various listings, mostly your competition. Part of the web design strategy is to incorporate a long term digital marketing strategy that will convert traffic from google to visitors on your website. Once on your website, its very important to ensure that those visitors become leads which in turn will generate revenue as customers. To do this properly, as a business owner you need to rely on a company that not only understands the entire online traffic business and environment but has enough experience to use their web design skills to develop an website for your business that shows your products and services in an instant and engages website visitors. When working with Redkey Media, a Toronto based web design company with some of the most reliable web developers available to you, you and your business are in good hands. Call us at 416.479.0095.

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E-Commerce Web Design

From Small Home Based Businesses to large corporations, we build a stable reliable 24/7 retail e-commerce website.

Selling online is common practice today, we buy everything from vacation packages to groceries. Yet, many Canadian businesses have still not caught up with the demand that the market place has. Most businesses still reply on “shop by phone” or display catalog products on the website. This hampers a users online shopping experience.

A well made, easy to use online e-commerce website can impact your business in a positive way. As users search for and investigate their purchases they mostly end up on large corporate e-commerce websites and spend their money there. However many smaller businesses are missing out on the possibility of shopping online and on mobile. The average user today not only uses their computers but also their mobile phones to make purchases.

Redkey Media can help you build a reliable E-Commerce website that will promote your products, incorporate shipping and handling fees, a simply easy to use payment processing system and also print labels for shipping.

Get ahead of the curve, get your business online today. Call us for your E-Commerce website at 416.479.0095

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e-commerce web design

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Engaging Online Presence

We focus on websites, from establishing your first web presence to highly intense interactive, content management, e-commerce websites. From early on we have been increasingly engaged in user interface design and expanded our services to include all aspects of web development.

  • Smart 100%
  • Cost 75%
  • Beautiful 100%

Mobile Application Development

Redkey Media offers Mobile Application Development on all major smartphone platforms.

5 tips business website successful

5 Must have tips on making a business website successful

To stand out from the billions of websites that exist on the web, there are some standards today that are expected for any business website. These five (5) tips are a brief summary of what MUST be considered when building a website.

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