Redkey Media builds Mobile Apps for Android, iOS (Apple) and most other popular mobile platforms.

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Smartphone / Mobile Application Development

Redkey Media builds apps and software for Smartphones. Our area of expertise covers all major mobile phone platforms such as iOS for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Android and Blackberry.

The new generation of iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile devices offer an unmatched level of ubiquity, flexibility and ease-of-use. Irrespective of the size of your company or which industry you operate in, enhance your market presence and grow your top line with a custom developed mobile app from Redkey Media

Android Application Development

Android is said to be the revolutionary technology in the world of mobile applications. With its remarkable features, Android Application Development has proved itself to be the tough competitor in the field of mobile apps. Some of the amazing features of Android platform include:

  • Easy to use tools and APIs
  • Multimedia, Travel Guides, GPS Navigation, Gaming, Barcode Scanning and other utilities
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, and 3G network support
  • Open Source
  • Integrated Google applications

We offer Professional Android Application Development. Our developers are efficient enough to build third party custom applications that can run on Android platform. We approach every field of android app development in a unique and comprehensive manner.

Apple iOS development

Development for the Apple platform includes building for iOS versions. Which means, we build for the Iphone, IPod and the IPad platforms.

Our iOS application programming services revolve around the cornerstones of efficiency, reliability, technical competency and visual engagement. We offer client oriented services that are also focused on the needs, demands, interests and preferences of the end user

iPad App development

We build custom apps for the iPad and also get books listed in the Apple Book store. Our focus is on delivering your mobile application development requirements in a cost effective way and to a time scale that suits your goals.

We will help you devise and execute a mobile strategy that is tailored to your target market, budget and growth plans. Whether you are a business or an individual we can steer you through each step of the project process, it always helps if you have an audience in mind for your app but we can help you define this essential information too.

We have developed a number of mobile strategies for clients based on various funding and revenue models.

Developing a Mobile presence on all platforms

As the market place continues to evolves and manufacturers of tablets and mobile phones continue to push new hardware with a variety of operating systems, it becomes hard to decide which platform requires priority in terms of presence and development.

While most people choose to develop for Apple/iOS or Android, some may choose to also include, Blackberry, Windows 7 even Symbian and Web based Mobile apps to ensure that their brand has deeper penetration in their selected market.

Whatever the right decision is for your company or brand, Redkey Media can help you decide.

Publishing Apps

Once an app is built and tested, for optimum distribution it should be listed in the native platform’s App Store. Such as Apple App Store, Android Market, etc.
Our team can help submit your app to the app stores and work with the vendor through the approval process.

Quality Assurance/Testing

We focus on User Experience, Usability and Quality Assurance right from the beginning.

Our object oriented designs allow us to make sure we build apps that don’t crash arbitrarily. If they do crash, with object oriented code we find it easy to pin point the source and fix. Memory leak handling is not an afterthought but taken care of from the beginning.

Monetizing apps

Once you app is ready to go live there are a number of options to generate revenue from the app. The simplest and most obvious is to charge per download. If you are offering a unique and valuable service or product (in the form of the app) people will pay for the download which will make it way back to you.
Another way to create additional revenue from Mobile Apps is to add advertising through a number of mobile specific advertising networks.

Promoting Apps

Once your app is listed and ready for the world to enjoy, talk to us about launching and promoting your brand. We offer:
Complete web branding, Social Media promotion, Industry specific blogs and forum based awareness, Videos, Press Releases and much more!

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