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What is good Web Design

When it comes to web design, creativity, visualization, lean design, good user experience combined with a quick turnaround at a decent price are some of the basic components to building a good website. Creating a strong web design for your brand or business means to first understand what your vision is, what your business is about and how you want your customers to feel about working with you. We take the time to understand these aspects of your business and then plan and design a website that is effective in conveying your vision quickly to the user. Whether you want to build a website that serves as an online brochure or whether you want to generate significant revenue through the website, this can be achieved through proper planning and strategic design.

 Responsive Mobile Web Design and cross platform compatibility

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Mobile Web Design

Hello With more than half of the people now searching for things on their phones, good web design means incorporating a good mobile website design strategy. This is also called responsive web design. Responsive web design takes the web design and modifies it for mobile cell phone screens and tablets to ensure that users can get the right experience no matter what device they are on.

 The site may not appear exactly the same as when looking through your web browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox or any other browser, further more the mobile versions of these browsers found on phones render the same site significantly differently from the web interface.

 As web developers we take the time to make sure that your website doesn’t just display properly on a users mobile device but whether it has the same impact on mobile that it does on the web. This translates to moving content around for mobile devices that can offer better conversions to leads.

 We at Redkey Media take the time to ensure that all of these factors are considered when developing your website.

E-Commerce Web Design and Development

 Pretty much anything can be bought online. Can you count your product or service among that statement?

 An E-Commerce website is one that enables online transactions, selling your products for you and processing the payments without need for human interaction. To do this properly requires more than a simple shopping cart, it requires a web design that captures your audience, shows your products in complete detail and capture orders with all the relevant information (colors, sizes, etc). Also to take into consideration in the web development process is the user experience, whether after making a purchase the user gets a confirmation of the order, order tracking details, sending the order details to the business owner and helping the business owner process and ship the order in a timely manner are just as important as the web design for the E-Commerce website.

 The demand for online sales continues to grow, in Canada the demand is met by large retailers – mostly amazon.ca and a few others whereas the small businesses continue to ignore the large potential for online sales and use traditional avenues like kijiji to promote their products and sell them offline by phone or in person retail.

 Redkey Media is proficient in E-Commerce web design and development and look forward to working with your business to establish a strong web presence.

 Make a strong impact on visitors to your website quickly!

Capture visitors

Capture Visitors to your website

In today’s world, people land on a website and within 1 – 2 seconds they decide whether they want to continue on the website or leave – and that’s all the time we have to make an impact on the user and get them to stay! Keeping this stark reality in mind we build a solid anchor on the website to attract and hold visitors, then engage then toward other parts of the website eventually leading them to a point where they can become a sales lead and not just an unknown visitor. This may involve getting them to like your company’s facebook page or follow your twitter account, or even subscribing to your email newsletter.

Building a solid foundation for future growth

 If you’re just starting out in business or if you already have a well established offline presence, we all hope for better things in the future. Thinking and expecting to grow through your web presence is vital to take into consideration at the start of the project. When building an online store, you online sales may be slow however with time sales increase and along with it, the need to manage the online sales process, payment process and shipment of goods along with managing customer service requirements. Not to mention ensuring a stable website is always available to accommodate customers with proper and complete information.

We take the time now to use the tools easily available today and incorporate them into your website design and develop a structure that will remain resilient as your online business grows and serves to help your growth and not hinder it. In most cases, these tools are not used at the launch of the website, but it doesn’t slow down or impact your sites performance negatively to have these tools so when you need to print 200 shipping labels for orders received over night, it’s available to your with a few simple clicks. We look forward to helping you grow!

 Get your website ranked at the top of major search engines like Google and Bing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Building a website without a well planned content and search engine optimization (SEO) structure is like opening a retail store with no sign on the front or any way for people to find you. It may be a beautiful store but what good is it if no one can find it?

 When building your website and planning your web design we work on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy so your website can be found by people looking for your product or service. This is also called organic search. It refers to how people search on search engines naturally and the first results are generated “organically” rather than by paid advertising which is referred to as PPC or “Pay Per Click” result.

 Many businesses share their knowledge of the industry by creating videos. With the acceptance of video as a crucial means of communication on the web having a video channel on Youtube or Vimeo is also important for businesses today. Content does not have to be cumbersome to create, it can be simple easy reference videos that users can access to self serve products that you sell or simple informational videos that help promote your service. A well thought out video strategy should be considered as part of the overall search engine placement (SEO) plan. Although it is not vital to the overall success of the website, it is however important in brand development and marketing.

 Video Marketing is a growing business and it is generally accepted that when visitors see a video on a website and view it, the time they remain on the website increases drastically and this impacts the overall actions on the website as well. A good video for a business website should not be more than 30-60 seconds long. Longer videos tend to make users feel bored and don’t give the same results as a more to the point video.

 Developing and implementing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy at the start is vital, It’s either this – or have that web traffic go to your competition!

 The way we plan search engine optimization (SEO) is as follows:

  • Keywords Analysis: Research and identify a set of (10-15) keywords that people use when looking for your services use and refer to keyword research tools to see how frequently people search for them.

  • Research your competition’s presence: See what optimization they have done, try to gauge how much traffic goes to them and what keywords they are using.

  • Develop and write GOOD CONTENT for your website: This is very important and cannot be emphasized enough. Search engines read the content on your website and based on the uniqueness of the content rank your website against what people are searching for. Good Web Design is just as important as Good Web Content!

  • Content layout for Search Engine Crawling: Your content is placed on the website with proper tags, headers, image alt tags to ensure that the site ranks properly.

  • Social Media Content – Using facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest we share the content on your website with the world – this will also favour your online presence.

  • Building a network of reliable links: Working with other websites in your industry, blogs and other websites we build a network of links that connect back to your site giving your website credibility in the “eyes” of the search engine.

 A good website will positively impact your bottom line.

Your website will create the first impression to new and potential customer. In most cases a good website will be the first time users are exposed to your brand and as discussed in the points above, a good web design strategy that incorporates your vision, long term growth search engine optimization (SEO) strategy develops into a solid web presence. A solid web presence will have a positive impact on your revenue flow and bottom line.

 Adversely, a poorly designed website will get you less web traffic and will not attract people to your business rather it will drive them to your competition.

 You keep the keys to the kingdom.

 If so much time and money is spent on developing a strong web presence a logical approach is to ensure that the business owner always maintain control over the most important things related to the company’s web presence.

 Many small business owners are not aware of the following items and simply trust the matter to the person that they have started working with.

  • Domain name registration details: Your website is built on your domain name, whether it is a (.com) dotcom, a (.net) dotnet or (.ca) dotca or any the domain(s), the ownership and registration details of the domain are very important to have control over. In many cases, domains are registered by someone building a website and the ownership title is under the developer’s name and not the company owner. This may be acceptable when starting out but as the business grows it can be challenging to access this information. Domain name registration has multiple fields for content including owner and technical content, by putting the name and email of the developer in the technical content field you may be able to prevent your domain from expiring and some else taking the domain name.

  • Hosting Details: The actual pages, database and all the programming done, sites on a server where it is processed and displayed for visitors. As web developers we work in this space – the ownership, registration and renewal of all hosting information should remain with the business owner with access to developers.

  • Directories/Social Media ownership: When creating profiles on business directory website and social media website again it is important to ensure that the ownership remains with the business owner and not the developer.

 Working with us Redkey Media, we take care of all these details for you. We are here to help your grow not to slow you down.

 Your partners in technology

There is no shortage of companies that offer website design services so when deciding what kind of a company to work with you need to consider whether you are selecting partners in technology or someone to quickly build you a website.

Since we started building websites in 2004 we have worked with many clients and the most valuable thing that we have learned is that for the project to succeed, we consider our efforts as part of the overall effort put forth by the company. As obvious as it is seems, without the company and the company owner, our services are of no value, so we focus on the website design and development and let the business owners focus on running the business. When needed, we are here to serve. We take pride in being considered part of your businesses IT team.

We at Redkey Media are grateful for the opportunity to serve to you and look forward to making a positive impact on your web presence and your bottom line.

 We’ve been building website since 2004, work with us and you won’t have to worry about this aspect of the business again.

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