Nothing get the message across like a customized video on your website. If you’ve got a business that has a product or service to sell, no doubt you have a story, a “sales pitch” you give to your customers to convey to them all the important points that they need to know to help you close the sale. Redkey Media can help you convert that story into a well made, short, straight to point customized video. So when you’re not there to share the story, your video is.

A great video can :

  • Engage users and reduce the sites bounce rate.
  • Educate the customer on the topic that they found your video on and point them toward a call to action
  • It’s a great excuse to add to your mailing list! Send the video to every one of your previous customers to get new business out of them.
  • Help you simplify and detail your sales strategy

Check out this detailed video we’ve worked on. It’s long, but it takes about developing a proper search engine strategy for any given website.