Pretty much anything can be bought online. Can you count your product or service among that statement?

 An E-Commerce website is one that enables online transactions, selling your products for you and processing the payments without need for human interaction. To do this properly requires more than a simple shopping cart, it requires a web design that captures your audience, shows your products in complete detail and capture orders with all the relevant information (colors, sizes, etc). Also to take into consideration in the web development process is the user experience, whether after making a purchase the user gets a confirmation of the order, order tracking details, sending the order details to the business owner and helping the business owner process and ship the order in a timely manner are just as important as the web design for the E-Commerce website.

 The demand for online sales continues to grow, in Canada the demand is met by large retailers – mostly and a few others whereas the small businesses continue to ignore the large potential for online sales and use traditional avenues like kijiji to promote their products and sell them offline by phone or in person retail.

 Redkey Media is proficient in E-Commerce web design and development and look forward to working with your business to establish a strong web presence.