In today’s world, people land on a website and within 1 – 2 seconds they decide whether they want to continue on the website or leave – and that’s all the time we have to make an impact on the user and get them to stay! Keeping this stark reality in mind we build a solid anchor on the website to attract and hold visitors, then engage then toward other parts of the website eventually leading them to a point where they can become a sales lead and not just an unknown visitor. This may involve getting them to like your company’s facebook page or follow your twitter account, or even subscribing to your email newsletter.

Building a solid foundation for future growth

 If you’re just starting out in business or if you already have a well established offline presence, we all hope for better things in the future. Thinking and expecting to grow through your web presence is vital to take into consideration at the start of the project. When building an online store, you online sales may be slow however with time sales increase and along with it, the need to manage the online sales process, payment process and shipment of goods along with managing customer service requirements. Not to mention ensuring a stable website is always available to accommodate customers with proper and complete information.

We take the time now to use the tools easily available today and incorporate them into your website design and develop a structure that will remain resilient as your online business grows and serves to help your growth and not hinder it. In most cases, these tools are not used at the launch of the website, but it doesn’t slow down or impact your sites performance negatively to have these tools so when you need to print 200 shipping labels for orders received over night, it’s available to your with a few simple clicks. We look forward to helping you grow!