An experienced team that works well with business owners!

Redkey Media started out in 2004 working with small and medium business size owners that wanted to work on establishing a web presence. 

As time went by the old the business owners that had websites eventually wanted to improve them and work towards developing a marketing strategy to serve their customers and get more from their website

From basic websites that didn’t require much development to complex platforms that worked with back-end systems and formed with secure encrypted data our team has worked on all kinds of projects.

As the needs of our clients grew so did our expertise.

We quickly learned and offered our customers digital marketing Services utilizing social media search engine optimization and advertising methods as well as offering software Solutions.

We offer:

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media & Search Engine services)
  • Mobile App Development (building Android and Apple mobile apps for businesses)
  • Blockchain development (Developing on the blockchain platform)


  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Our Vision

At the start of any new project there is a phase when both the client and the Developers are quickly looking to establish trust and develop a product where the client feels that their end goal or vision is being met. 

To ensure that this goal is eventually reached we start the project by really taking the time to understand what it is the client wants.

 It’s important to forget for a little while the technology and just focus on the business aspect to try to appreciate the clients and vision.

 This is where we start.

 Our aim as well beyond the first project.

We hope to work with our clients for as long as they have needs that our team can fulfill.


  • 15+ years of web development
  • 10+ years of Digital Marketing
  • 20+ years of client relationship management.
  • 10+ years of Mobile App Development
  • 2+ years of Blockchain Development

Type of clients

  • Small and Medium sized businesses. 
  • Business owners with a long term vision.
  • Positive and growth minded companies 

What we offer our clients

  • Complete solutions (No half-measures)
  • Consulting, Development and Execution
  • Phased project roll out
  • Full access to code
  • Full access to all digital assets.
  • North American based access & support.
  • Long term committment

Some of Our Work

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