11 Web Development trends in 2017

This post talks about trends in technology that will influence web development strategies in 2017.

1) Artificial Intelligence for web development
2) Static site generators
3) Bots and the role of conversational UI
4) JavaScript in 2017
5) Motion UI
6) Single page application design
7) Parallax effects
8) Design Sprints
9) Degradation of MySQL
10) Docker
11) Single code across platforms

View the full article here: 11 Trends That Will Impact Web Development in 2017


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Search by Voice is quickly becoming the norm

We’ve all done it: speak to our trusted device and attempt to satisfy the burning question in our minds.

Whether its “Ok Google”, “Hey Siri”, Cortana or Amazon Alexa, search by voice is quickly becoming a standard way to quickly get the answer we need.

Digital Marketing agencies are quickly having to adapt to accommodate search terms by voice to take advantage of these powerful AI algorithms.

This article talks about how its set to transform the way marketing is done online. How voice search is transforming digital marketing



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How to hire an SEO – by Google

Since Google is the most used search engine I pay close attention when Google offers any tips and information about how to build and manage websites keeping good search engine placement practice in view.

In this video, Google’s Maile Ohye explains in simple language what companies should be aware of and look for when engaging the services of someone providing Search Engine Optimization services.

I couldn’t agree with this more!

Some important takeaways:

The results of the optimization depend on the quality of the website and content “An SEO’s potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website”.
The project takes […]

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