Being in the web development industry I register domains all the time. Its a simple enough process, the domain is registered, I point it to the server and we start working on the website.

In the last two weeks I bought about 12 domains, most of them are NOT the .COM extension, they are .BIZ, .INFO, .CA of course since we are a Canadian web development company and there are three .COM domains.

When I  registered the first .COM I saw a flurry of well crafted but completely unsolicited emails from “overseas companies” offering everything from web development, digital marketing to mobile app development services for the first two days . Now – like most people, I get a lot of spam and many emails asking for business development partnerships, development partnerships and so on from Indian companies and like most people, I ignore them as my work email and phone number is on many lists and directories and … well I have to expect it. This time, I noticed my personal email was receiving emails.

spam emails from indian web developers

This is a snapshot of the emails received this morning because I registered a domain last night. All are from Indian web development companies.

Then I register another two domains, this time I was able to get a short six-work .COM domain (YAY!) – and that opened the gates of spamalot! Phone calls from hidden numbers politely asking for me formally by my last name, text messages, to the emails, oh the emails!

spam text message from Indian company

Spam Text message received because I did not select domain privacy.

spam text message

Another messsage by “LogoGlaze” sent by a different number one minute after the first.

The point I’m trying to make it when you book a domain, especially a .COM overseas companies are so desperate to get you as a client that they filter out domain squatters and try to get to you as quickly as possible for your business.

The Whois/Domain privacy upsell frankly is an ridiculous. The Canadian registration authority (CIRA) hides your personal information without any additional costs, which I am very pleased with. This should be offered to all that register at no cost, but as it is a significant revenue generator it will continue to be a $9.99 upsell. So, my solution is to create an alias. My alter ego, seperate email address, a phone number that goes direct to voicemail, I still use the office address because, well, if they show up here, I will indulge them for five minutes.

Spam email from

Spam email from pneeraj950[email protected]

Spam email from

Here “Rohan” managed to put in my name and the domain to customise the spam.

I’ve attached a few screenshots and images I delete the messages as quickly as they come but as I was in a training session with the client this morning the spam built up. So I though I would share.

Never respond to spam, avoid dealing with overseas clients you don’t know. There are many local businesses offering quality services right here locally.

Adil Malik


This is a snapshot of the emails received this morning because I registered a domain last night. All are from Indian web development companies.

Email spam messages that got past Google’s spam filters:

[email protected] – Ankit Mishra [Business Consultant] (INDIA)
Web Expert <[email protected]>
[email protected] – Toby Mcguire – Universal Design Studios
[email protected] – Mona Maurya
[email protected] – Custom Logo Designers Inc – USA
Ankur Bhardwaj <[email protected]
Parul Sharma <[email protected]>
Sandip Tanwar <[email protected]>
Santosh Kumar <[email protected]>
Bailey Borden <[email protected]>
Sara lewis <[email protected]>
Sanjit Yadav <[email protected]>
Alma petro <[email protected]>
Neha Rathore <[email protected]>
[email protected] – Miguel Labrie – Marketing Manager
Web Developer – [email protected]
Endive Software [email protected]
Anshu Singh <[email protected]>

Text Spammers:
224-904-0034 – from Logo Glaze
346-226-2725 – from Logo Glaze

Phone calls: (those that didn’t block their numbers today)