Receive a free 30 second marketing video for a limited time

We are excited to offer amazing 30 second long marketing videos FREE until December 31, 2017 with any new website project.

You don’t need a special code, simply complete the form below and your project will include a professional video promoting your website.

Fine print:

This video has a value of $249.99
The video will not include voice over, but will include music
Video clips and images for the video must be provided or be readily available.

Why Video? Check this out:



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5 Must have tips on making a business website successful

Anyone can make a website but making a website successful in attracting new business takes expertise. Here are 5 must crucial tips on what it takes to make a business website successful.


1. Good Design and Visual Appeal

A website has to look good and attract the visitors within the first few seconds of the first visit to the website. Research shows that most users leave a website within a few seconds (in some cases less than 1 second) if something doesn’t appeal to them. What constitutes a good design?

– Visually appealing layout – The website should be a contemporary design […]

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